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Residency Pioneerworks

The NY Theremin Society is thrilled to be offered a Residency at Pioneer Works, Center for Art & Innovation, during the month of March. Located in Red Hook, Pioneer Works is founded by artist Dustin Yellin, offering a thriving community for art, music & science. The large brick and timber building will allow the NY Theremin Society to continue to work towards realizing our grand vision of assembling, rehearsing and performing pieces for Theremin Orchestra: During our WORKSHOP, offered on SUNDAY, MARCH 16th, Theremin enthusiasts, beginners and advanced students can join our orchestra, preparing original pieces to be performed at the final NY THEREMIN SOCIETY Concert at Pioneer Works Saturday, March 29th!

NY THEREMIN SOCIETY WORKSHOP Sunday March 16th, from 2-5pm
Lead by Dorit Chrysler, Rob Schwimmer & Charlie Hobbs at Pioneer Works, Center for Art and Innovation
159 Pioneer Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231
(718) 596-3001 Cost: $40
Registration: elbocco@gmail.com
Supported by Moog Music

About the workshop:

• Participants will be able to learn and practice the basics of playing the theremin, and whether they have never played a theremin before or are an advanced player, they will be able to participate in the NY Theremin Society ORCHESTRA led by Dorit Chrysler & Rob Schwimmer to work on repertoire to be performed at the final concert on Saturday March 29. The NY Theremin Society Workshop is supported by Moog Music

• A technical overview of the Theremin by Charlie Hobbs, Builder of the Hobbs Theremin.
• BONUS! An introduction to the Moog Theremini- their brand new instrument which adds many new features to the traditional Theremin. Registration for the Workshop: elbocco@gmail.com



Dorit Chrysler & Rob Schwimmer of The NY THeremin Society are being interviewed on FOX NEWS

CBS News Story of the Theremin
The NY Theremin Society presents:

Performances on Theremin by:
Dorit Chrysler
Duet For Theremin and Lap Steel
Rob Schwimmer
David Simons
Dalit Warsaw

Sunday September 15th @ 9:30 PM
at the Public Theater
425 Lafayette St.
NYC, NY 10003-7021

"The Theremin is cool and now"
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The Wall Street Journal

"Where Better to Play a Theremin Than on a Boat?"
The New York Times

"The Untouchables"
The New York Post

We are thrilled to continue the NY Theremin Society's concert series by announcing an exciting international line-up of distinguished Theremin Virtuosos to perform September 15th at Joe's Pub. Thereminists include Dalit Warshaw, Duet for Theremin and Lap Steel, David Simons, Dorit Chrysler and Rob Schwimmer. Each player has their own unique style and approach to the instrument making for a night full of contrasts, musical surprises and sublime beauty. Join the growing Theremin movement in the 21st century!