About Dorit Chrysler

Her music has been described by Ann Magnuson in Paper Magazin: "Imagine if
Marianne Faithfull and Nikola Tesla had a love child, with Jane Birkin as the nanny
and Bjork as the wayward Girl Scout Leader!"
Arte TV calls Dorit "Theremin Goddess".
Wall Street Journal "A Futuristic Lotte Lenya"

Making her professional vocal debut at Austria's Opera House Graz at the age of
seven, Dorit went on to form her first new wave band at age thirteen and began
working towards her Master's Degree in Musicolog at eighteen in Vienna. Moving
to New York, she was fronting a number of notable bands, including New York's
experimental quartet Halcion before she embarked on her solo career in 2000.
Ever since she has been performing her compostions worldwide, most recently in
Australia, Japan, South Corea, Europe and Brazil. She has performed with the San
Francisco Symphony Orchestra and her music is featured on the HBO documentary
"Going Clear". 2016 marks a performance at CERN and her founding of "Dame
Electric", an Festival edition she curated in New York for the Austrian Cultural Forum.
Dorit's music has been commissioned for the moMA ny, the Venice Biennale, for
theater, Tv & Film, including Lars van Trier.

Dorit has performed and toured with Anders Trentemøller, who produced and
released her record "Avalanche" on his label "InMyRoom" - other collaborations
include Tocotronic, Elliot Sharp, Cluster, Adult., ChicksonSpeed, TheThe, OhLand,
Lene Lovich, UltraVivid Scene, Gordon Raphael (The Strokes), Foetus, Gibby Haynes,
Sasha Waltz, Philippe Quesne & Jesper Just. She has shared live bills with acts as
diverse as Marilyn Mansion, Carsten Nicoai, Amon Tobin and Philipp Glass.
She has performed worldwide from CBGB to Lincoln Center, Coachella to Roskilde
Festival, Berlin, Venice & Liverpool Biennale, at the St.Petersburg Hermitage, the
Louisiana Museum, Karlskirche Vienna, London Royal Art Academy, moMA, etc
She produced a ten piece theremin Orchestra performance for the LA Disney Hall.
Dorit received a music residency at Pioneerworks NY and a Knightsbridge Grant -
at Pioneerworks she founded Kid Cool Theremin School, America's first school of
Theremin for Children and Adults - in 2017, Dorit has received a year long residency
for KidCoolThereminSchool at the Gaite Lyrique Museum in Paris, Lécolé Thérémine.

Dorit produces, records and performs all music on her solo records - numerious
recordings have been released, notably on InMyRoomRecords (DE), Prurience
Factory (US), Monika Enterprise (DE), PlagDichNicht (AU), PlasticTrayRecords (US)
A collaboration with Detroit's Adult. will be released on Mute Records March 17.

As a regular at JoeMcGinty's notorious Loser's Lounge in New York, Dorit performed
"Hey Cowboy" for her idol Lee Hazelwood who complimented her afterwards by saying
that she sang it better "than Nancy".

Dorit is the current protagonist of a documentary in the making produced by
texan film maker Cressandra Thibedaux, who has followed Dorit's recent travels
to Russia, Japan and China.